Great Non Confrontational Conversation Topics

Do you ever find yourself on a date with no idea what to talk about other than topics that are going to create disagreement and tension between you and your date? Isn’t it always better to keep things light and fun during a date and avoid those non-confrontational topics that make you feel like you’re on a date rather than a talk show? Well, fear not, because there are more than enough happy and pleasant conversation topics to keep you engaged without causing a stir or getting anyone upset.

Of course, the first step in finding non-confrontational conversation topics is to know which topics to avoid. At the top of that list are topics like religion and politics, which generate topics that few people will agree on, and almost always breed strong responses from people. Even if you know where a person stands on such issues, it’s always possible that a new topic will come up and become a point of contention. On top of the polarizing topics of religion and politics, other topics to avoid include money and family, two issues that often cause people to get defensive, causing confrontation.

One relatively safe topic that can work for people is talking about pets. Assuming everyone in the room is a pet person, most people get great amounts of joy from talking about their pets, how they became pet owners, and all of the fun activities they like to partake in with their pets. Unless someone has a sick pet or a severe allergy to animals, there’s little chance of a discussion about pets turning confrontational, while at the same time it can be a great way to bond with someone while on a date.

Travel is another great topic that’s unlikely to lead to confrontation, especially if it’s a passion for both parties. But even if only one of you has done a lot of traveling while the other person hasn’t, that person will likely sharing stories of his or her travel and the other person may be fascinated to hear about it. Of course, even if neither of you have a lot of travel experience, you can let your imaginations run free and talk about all the places you’d like to visit. There’s nothing confrontational about imaging where you’d like to go, and it’s actually a great way to get to know someone by finding out about his or her dream vacation.

If talking about your dream vacation works out, then try sticking with hypothetical situations for pleasant and non-confrontational conversation topics. Try playing the game “Desert Island,” asking the other person about the books and movies they couldn’t live without if they were stranded somewhere. Talk about what each of you would do if you had a million dollars; this will keep things light, while also revealing a lot about the other person. Don’t be afraid to be creative or think outside the box with this. For example, you could talk about which animal you’d like to be, or which superhero you wish you were, or which historical figure you thought you were in a past life. This is all in good fun, so don’t be afraid of saying something silly, because all you’re trying to do is keep things light and entertaining.

If all you’re looking to do on a date is find fun and non-confrontational topics, then all you have to do is avoid topics that are serious and avoid taking anything too seriously. Keep conversation limited to topics that you know are light and fun, and you’ll have no trouble steering clear of unnecessary confrontation.