Dating can be tough for anyone, but it’s much more difficult for single parents. Parents are always thinking about their child first, and that makes putting the time and effort in for a relationship very, very difficult. When you are childless and dating, you are trying to find that one person that is more important to you than anything. When you already have children, you’ve found that person. Even though dating while you have a child is tough, it can be very good for both you and (in the future) your child.

Whenever you gradually come back to the dating world you do so with the knowledge that your child comes first. This could be a turn off for some people, and you need to know that is ok. They are not interested in something like what you are offering, so simply forget about it and move on. Even though your dating situation is different, dont use that as an excuse to skip out on fun activities with your parter. If they continually suggest things that dont fit into your schedule, do your best to compromise.  They will try and make time for you, so you should do the same.

Just make sure that you are up-front about your situation and what you are looking to get out of your time dating. Doing so will make it much easier for your mate to find you, and you to find them.

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