Who Should Pay on the First Date?


Not so many years ago, the question as to who should pay on the first date was obvious, as tradition dictated that the man would treat the woman on a first date, as well as on subsequent days. But things aren’t quite that simple anymore, as it’s not a given that the man will pay on a first date. So nowadays, what exactly is the proper protocol on a first date? Who should pay?

Well, in a perfect world, this would be something that the two people going on a date will have talked about before the time comes when they have to pay, because then you run the risk of starring at one another awkwardly, and that can be embarrassing for both parties. But if the two people haven’t discussed this beforehand, then the man should go into the date assuming that he’s going to be paying for the date. For men, even if you hate the tradition, even if you don’t feel like it, even if you don’t understand it, and even if you’re going on a date with a woman who considers herself a feminist, you should still be prepared to pay on a first date. The fact of the matter is that paying is a sign of generosity and respect, two things that you’d like to convey on a first date. Moreover, a man offering to pay on a first date is not necessarily a sign of gender inequality; it’s merely a kind gesture towards someone you like. [Read more…]

Great Non Confrontational Conversation Topics

Do you ever find yourself on a date with no idea what to talk about other than topics that are going to create disagreement and tension between you and your date? Isn’t it always better to keep things light and fun during a date and avoid those non-confrontational topics that make you feel like you’re on a date rather than a talk show? Well, fear not, because there are more than enough happy and pleasant conversation topics to keep you engaged without causing a stir or getting anyone upset.

Of course, the first step in finding non-confrontational conversation topics is to know which topics to avoid. At the top of that list are topics like religion and politics, which generate topics that few people will agree on, and almost always breed strong responses from people. Even if you know where a person stands on such issues, it’s always possible that a new topic will come up and become a point of contention. On top of the polarizing topics of religion and politics, other topics to avoid include money and family, two issues that often cause people to get defensive, causing confrontation. [Read more…]

What to Wear on a First Date

Nothing in the world quite compares to the combination of excitement and anxiety that comes with going on a first date. Whether it’s a blind date with someone you’ve never seen before, someone you’ve already made a connection with online, or a long time friend you’re hoping can be something more, it’s always a stressful but exciting experience to go on a first date. A big part of the stress that comes with a first date is figuring out what to wear. It’s never easy to figure out what you should wear on a first date, so here are some things to keep in mind when putting together your first-date outfit.


Obviously, the first date activity matters, as it may dictate the way you dress one way or another. For example, if you’re heading to the opera, you’ll have to dress a certain way, while if you go and play paintball on a first date, you’ll want to be dressed in a completely different way. But if there’s no set dress code for the place you’re going on your first date, always remember that it’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. Unless you show up to a heavy metal concert wearing a tuxedo, it never hurts to over-dress for an occasion; the worst thing that will happen is that you’ll be wearing dress pants and a collared shirt while everyone else in the room is wearing jeans, and after the initial awkwardness of that wears off you’ll be fine, and it may actually help you make a good first impression on your date, which you’re most likely trying to do anyway. If your date is in a public place, then out-dressing your peers will make your date think that they made the right decision by being out with you, so don’t be afraid to dress up a little bit. [Read more…]

The Secrets Behind An Outdoor Date

Holding a date is a crucial thing in a persons life .Does the place where the date is to be held really matter?Yes,a big YES to emphasize this.A date is a memorable situation that takes a lot of thoughts to come up with,not only taking place till the parting time.A date taking place outdoors,far from the confinement of your apartment can work wonders.Be it your spouse,sibling or even parent,you will both be thrilled on how enchanting an outdoor date is.



Informing a close friend about the location of the venue is quite important.Shun the thoughts of your friend envying you and think of the friend saving you from a tricky situation if the date was to get sour.


Who know?Maybe you are to lie on a mat and watch a movie at the park during dusk so a heavy clothe is required.You might have decided to go for a classical date and it might be you only opportunity to put on that killer dress or the designer suit in your cabinet.It gives you space to try and showcase your true self by allowing your dressing to synchronize with the environment hence being classy with a unique touch.


Be it the disco lights at that sports-bar where you dance your night out,lighting play a crucial part in outdoor dating.Many people intending to go for an outdoor date prefer it mostly when the fool moon is out.This blends a lot with the lit candles of neon bulbs flickering to the beats of a slow jazz.



IF are lucky enough to sample out the fine park routes in the park on a horse,appreciate your partner’s effort by making that little time memorable by laughing at his/her jokes and teasing his to a chase with the horse.Fun?Enough fun to make you smile when you recall it.


Going outdoors on a date is something that can be fun for all parties involved.  It’s not something that many people do anymore these days with movies and dinner being the norm.  Consider taking your date on a fishing excursion or go to a local lake and rent a tandem kayak to paddle around the lake.


You are on a yacht during your date and you only complain of the tides.This is enough to ruin your special bonding time with someone you love.What of motivating your partner by raising a good comment about the wonderful rocking of the yacht to the waves?It might sound simple but it’s enough to earn you another outdoor date.


Maybe you felt odd while sharing your thoughts when in company of others.Now that you are alone with your friend,would you open up and unearth the secrets that you always wish to tell them?Yes,speak up and the heavens will be your witness to the heavy and important conversations or act that you will say or do.

An outdoor date can change your life,influence your thinking and affect your activities.Doesn’t have to be expensive since it’s not the money that matters but your presence.Try it out and be my witness,maybe you will even realize a more hearty feeling from it.

Great First Date Hairstyles For Women

He asked you out, the plans are made and it’s all come down to this: what to do with your hair. Deciding on a first date hairstyle can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Your hair should complement your outfit not matter what you’re wearing – from casual to glamorous. Rather than just do the same thing, pick a style that will polish your look and give you that extra bit of confidence as you head out the door. Here are 5 styles perfect for a first date along with outfit and activity ideas for each one.

1. The Top Knot: Hipsters made it popular but all women have embraced this look. If your hair is long enough to put it up in a high ponytail you can make a top knot in fewer than five minutes. Gather your hair as if to put it in a high pony and then pull your hands straight up, twisting as you go. Once you have it twisted, continue twisting it into a high bun. Secure the bun with an elastic. Pull out a few strands and smooth any bumps with a bobby pin (bumps are a natural part of this style). You can wear this style with anything, from skinnies and ballet flats to your favorite little black dress. To dress it up, just use a hair pin or bobby with a little flair.

2. Beachy Waves: If you don’t own a bottle of salt water spray go buy one now (well, after you finish reading this!). After showering, comb out your hair but don’t use any product. Once your hair is damp, spray with salt water and run your fingers through to distribute it. Your hair will dry in awesome beachy waves. This is the perfect style for a casual daytime date, complimenting shorts or casual skirts and a cute top, or casual sundresses. Consider this for a picnic, walk downtown, or mini-golf.

3. Braided Up Bun: To add a little pizzazz to a ballerina bun (this won’t work with a top knot!) just flip your head upside down. Section your hair off from ear to ear and clip the rest, then start a french braid with your head upside down. You’ll want to keep it tight and neat. Once there’s no more hair to pull from unclip the rest of your hair and put it in a bun for an adorable “zipped up” look. This style is great with dresses or dress jeans and a sparkly top and perfect for dinner or a concert.

4. Dressed Up Ponytail: If you are a ponytail kind of girl, consider dressing it up a little for a first date. This look is so versatile it works from the most casual to the fanciest of dates. Comb your hair into a neat mid-level or low ponytail and use an elastic to secure it but don’t wrap it the final time. Carefully pull a one inch section from the underside of the ponytail. You can braid this section or leave it loose, but if you leave it loose, run a straightening iron through it to make it more sleek.Wrap this free section around your elastic a few times and then pin the end underneath with a bobby pin. Curl or flat iron your ends for a little extra polish.

5.  The Crazy Curls:  This is a great hairstyle if you  have crazy curls that you just love.  You can start by curling your hair using one of the best curling wands like the ones you can find online.  Make sure your hair is clean before you start.  If you have greasy hair that you need to treat, you can also find tons of great reviews on the best shampoos to treat oily hair online as well.  Use a curling wand to give yourself some great curls and you will find him running to greet you at the door on your first date.

No matter what your first date plans, it’s simple to style your hair into something quick and easy that will leave a lasting impression.

Take Your Date Out On The Shooting Range

 When you’re brainstorming first date ideas, why not think outside the box? If you love shooting, consider taking your date out for an evening out at a local shooting range or a short hunting trip. Unconventional dates are sometimes the most memorable ones, so if you want to make a lasting first date, shooting ranges offer the perfect environment.

This is a great way to show your shooting skills and get in some great bonding time. If your date has never been shooting before, going out on a range or hunting trip is a surprisingly fun and intimate experience. Shooting a gun well takes practice, so taking your date out will give you a chance to show your own skill as well as teach your date this skill as well. Helping your date get the perfect stance to keep the gun from kicking back is just a part of learning how to shoot as well as the correct posture and arm positioning.  The same can be said about making sure you have the proper aim to hit  your target, and properly outfitting your rifle with the best rifle scope it can be equipped with.  If you are shooting assault rifles, make sure you outfit your gun with the best AR 15 optics like the ones examined by thebest22rifle.com’s scope reviews. Remember that while on your date, that means getting close and comfortable with each other.


If your date has never been out shooting before, a gun range is a great place to get started. Most gun ranges require you to bring your own gun, although sometimes they can be rented if you call ahead. Also, most of the ranges supply ammunition and targets, as well as the equipment needed for basic target practice but they usually do not offer the best rifle scopes like those compared by thebest22rifle.com, which is important if you want to give your date the best chance to hit the target. Although people typically take a lane each, share a lane with your date for a more romantic date. Also, be sure to advise your date to wear ear protection. Even if you don’t typically wear noise-canceling headphones, make an exception for the date. You’ll both appreciate it later on. 

Remember that the one thing you’ll want to pack on your date is face wipes. Ranges do not typically provide anything to clean your face with, but after spending a few hours shooting, both of your faces will be covered in soot. The area under your nose will also be especially dirty which can be embarrassing. To keep you and your date from a few awkward moments, carry some wet wipes along with you. You both may also want to bring a change of clothing, especially if you decide to go out for a meal or other activity after being at the range. 

To spice up your first date, add a little competition to the activity. You and your date may want to see who hits the target more times or who can get closest to the center of the target. If you’re much more experienced than your date, be sure to make the contest a little easier to make it more fun. If you have something riding on the outcome such as who is paying for dinner, it makes the contest even more fun. A little friendly rivalry is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and keeping the evening exciting. 

Before you head out on your shooting date, make sure you have the following prepared:

  • A gun available or one reserved at the range to use
  • A single lane booked
  • A supply of wet wipes
  • A change of clothing
  • Properly Equipped Firearms

This innovative date idea will be a great way to get to know each other and break the ice on your first date!  Gun Safety is important, so make sure that you have your handgun or rifle properly cleaned and inspected before hitting the range.